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We know big changes can be hard. But new paths can also lead to great places. That’s why we make the college transfer process easy, letting you worry less about where you are and focus more on where you want to be.

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Quick Facts

alumni who live and work locally

of USFSM undergraduates are transfer students

student-to-faculty ratio

Undergraduate Programs


From Accounting to Psychology, USF Sarasota-Manatee offers a wide variety of programs to fit your interests. Select from the list above to choose your passion.

Learn how to measure and process financial information for companies and individuals with an Accounting degree from USFSM. Graduates of this program find careers in government, various industries, nonprofit organizations and accounting firms.

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Discover how to be an effective communicator, problem solver and skilled decision maker by majoring in Applied Science at USFSM. Graduates of this program are equipped to enter careers in gerontology, leadership, hospitality and information technology.

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For a more hands-on experience in the sciences, enroll in USFSM’s Biology program. You’ll study both inside the lab and out in the field, while learning about the three principal sub-disciplines of biology: cellular and molecular biology; organismal biology; ecology and evolution.

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The CSD degree program includes a concentration in Speech-Language Sciences, which is a perfect option for those who love working with people, are intrigued by disorders and have a desire to help others. One of the best perks? This degree is offered 100 percent online through USFSM!

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Study the causes of crime and the current issues of the criminal justice system with a degree in Criminology. You’ll gain the knowledge and experience for a career in the field, such as law enforcement, detention, corrections, juvenile justice, probation and parole.

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When you graduate from USFSM’s Elementary Education program, you’ll be prepared to teach through arts integration, instructional strategies and the ESOL Endorsement. This program is also a fully accredited program with a curriculum that is current and research-based, while following government standards and best practices.

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Are you interested in literary and cultural traditions? Do you want to be a critical thinker and persuasive communicator? The English degree at USFSM is the perfect fit for you! This degree can be a springboard to graduate programs and careers in the following fields: English, law, education, humanities, communications and journalism.

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With a Finance degree at USFSM, you can obtain the skills, knowledge and experience necessary to make major financial decisions in the workplace. When you graduate, you’ll understand how financial markets work, how to utilize computer applications and how to analyze information to make optimal financial decisions.

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The General Business Administration major at USFSM gives students an interdisciplinary approach to the business world. Through this program, you will gain an overview of several administrations at a wide variety of businesses and organizations.

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We believe a degree in history should give students more than simply lessons of the past. When you enroll in the history program at USFSM, you’ll gain a sophisticated level of thinking, experience with analysis and synthesis, as well critical thinking, research and communication skills.

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If you are passionate about cooking, traveling or working for restaurants and hotels, then consider turning it into a career through the Hospitality Management program! At USFSM, you will gain the knowledge and hands-on experience you need for your dream job in Florida’s booming tourism and hospitality industry.

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One of the most important industries in today’s computer-based society and economy is Information Technology (IT). Join USFSM’s online IT program and dive into the study of computer science and management information systems to gain the skills you need for a high-tech career.

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Looking for a broader educational experience? USFSM’s degree in Interdisciplinary Social Sciences (ISS) is great for students who wish to learn about research, current social issues, methodology and statistics, critical observation, analysis of society and awareness of diversity.

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For those who see themselves as a leader in business, nonprofit or governmental organizations, this is the degree for you. Being part of USFSM’s Management program provides insights to become skilled in leadership, team building, decision making, conflict resolution and organizational development.

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Marketing is the art and science of identifying, attracting and serving the right customers to a company’s brand and organization. USFSM’s Marketing curriculum exposes students to a broad array of business management and decision areas, including market analysis, market targeting, product development, promotion, distribution and customer experience management.

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Are you fascinated by all things mechanical and have a passion for technology? If so, USFSM's Pre-Engineering program in Mechanical Engineering, also known as Bridge to Engineering, might be the right program for you! Mechanical Engineering is the newest academic discipline at USF Sarasota-Manatee. Students in this program study requisite courses at USFSM for the first two years and complete the second two years through the College of Engineering at USF in Tampa.

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The Professional & Technical Communication degree at USFSM offers courses in writing and editing, along with electives in business and information technology. The program focuses on technical writing and corporate communication needed in crisis management, human resources, marketing and public relations.

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USFSM’s Psychology program involves the scientific study of behavior and mental processes. If you are interested in pursuing a career or graduate program in clinical, cognitive or industrial psychology, here is where you can obtain the education and training you need to excel! This degree is also great for those interested in education, counseling, management, medicine, law and other human service programs.

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Applied Sciences
Communication Sciences
Elementary Education
General Business
Information Technology
Interdisciplinary Social Sciences
Mechanical Engineering
Professional Tech Communication

Imagine Yourself Here

You might think you know all about the college experience, but at USFSM you’ll find countless new ways to get involved and create new connections.

And at USFSM, there’s never a dull moment. We have dozens of campus events throughout the year and over 30 student clubs and organizations — including rowing!

We’ve also partnered with world-renowned organizations like Mote Marine Laboratory and Ringling to offer our students countless internship, travel and research opportunities.


What it Takes to Get Here

How many credit hours will you transfer?

credit hours

Have a minimum high school GPA of 2.7 (as calculated by USFSM).

Have minimum SAT scores of 560 in Critical Reading/Writing and 530 in Math or minimum ACT scores of 19 in Reading, 19 in Math and 18 in English.

credit hours

Have a minimum postsecondary GPA of 2.0
(2.75 for business; 2.5 for education).

Complete at least one 3-credit English Composition course and one 3-credit college-level mathematics course with grades of “C” or better. Also, complete 2 years of foreign language in either high school or college.

credit hours

Have a minimum postsecondary GPA of 2.0 (2.75 for limited-access business programs and 2.5 for education programs).

Numbers above represent an AA or AS degree from within the Florida College System or State University System.
An AS degree is transferable into applicable BSAS programs.

Questions? Ask Admissions: (941) 359-4331 or

Admissions Process

Visit Campus

Nothing helps you get a feel for our university quite like a campus tour does. Explore our halls, picture yourself in our classrooms, talk with current students and faculty, or stroll along our scenic campus to see why so many fall in love with USFSM.

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Complete the application before the deadline and pay the $30 application fee at least two semesters prior to the semester you intend to transfer. Get your future started by applying today!

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Transcripts and Test Scores

Send us your official college transcripts. If you still have classes in-progress, send transcripts now and request a final transcript once complete.

If transferring less than 12 credit hours, visit our Freshman Admissions page.

Notifications and Decisions

After your application and other documents have been received, USFSM will notify you with a decision (hopefully one you’ll want to brag about on Facebook).


Mark Your Calendar

Financial Support is Always Here


Complete Your FAFSA

Go to and use the USFSM school code: 001537. You must fill out your FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) each year to be automatically considered for federal, state and university financial aid programs.


Apply for Scholarships

There are hundreds of scholarship opportunities available to USFSM students. Apply for USFSM and USF System-wide scholarships at or contact for more information.


Check Oasis

Through OASIS (Online Access Student Information System), you can check the status of your financial aid, scholarships and loans. Some types of aid require action through OASIS. Check your status at

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