Classroom Technology

Technology Services is available for training and assistance in the operation of various technical devices and tools faculty can employ to enhance their instruction, both virtual and face-to-face. Classrooms at USFSM come pre-equipped with many such devices, including PC workstations, overhead projectors, and video playback hardware.


The Technology Services staff are here to help faculty confidently and successfully integrate technology into the classroom, regardless of their previous knowledge or experience. We can help you to learn how to use classroom equipment and or explore ways to use it to enhance students’ learning experience. Whether you need an A-to-Z overview or just a refresher, we’re happy to help – just contact us.

On-Demand Help

Every classroom podium is equipped with an electronic help button designed to send a distress call to our on-duty support techs. If you encounter a problem with classroom equipment during a lesson, simply press the help button (located on the podium) and within a short time you a support technician will arrive to assist you.

Video Conferencing

The USFSM main campus features two video conferencing (or video-based distance education) classrooms to deliver instruction to remotes sites. The USFSM Northport campus houses a similarly-equipped classroom that allows students and faculty there to interact with their main campus counterparts as if they were in the same room. Courses employing these systems are scheduled throughout each semester, and students register with advance knowledge of whether their class with be taught in this way. Techs are provided to facilitate connections between sites and stand ready to assist in the event of any technical issue.

Lecture Capture

USFSM will pilot its first lecture capture location during the Spring 2014 term, for the purpose of test-driving this mix of synchronous/asynchronous course delivery modes. Students can attend the class in person and review the materials presented online at their leisure, in order to review important concepts or receive clarification on the topics they find most challenging.

Special Events

Technology Services is happy to help you accommodate special events, such as guest presenters, end-of-semester student presentations, or classroom projects. The Conference and Events Planner in the Office of College Advancement (x24251) can assist with planning for special events held outside your course’s regular meeting times.