Summer Beginnings

Freshmen Day

Starting classes at USF Sarasota-Manatee over the summer helps incoming freshmen get a jump on their college career, introduces them to campus life, and enables them to be a step ahead of their freshmen class.  Students receive intensive academic preparation and the personal attention of faculty in a nurturing environment.  Students also have the opportunity to strengthen their academic skills before the fall term begins and familiarize themselves with the USFSM campus and its resources.  Below are some helpful links to get your started this summer:

Orientation   |   Student Engagement   |   Tutoring


When will my summer semester begin?

The summer semester is a five-week term that begins in mid-summer, after most students have completed high school.  The 2017 Summer Beginnings will launch on July 5. All students will attend an orientation at the beginning of the summer term. For more information on orientation, please visit

What will a typical day look like in the summer term?

Students will have classes on Mondays and Wednesdays beginning at 9:00am.  With study time and planned activities in between classes, students will complete the day at 5:00pm.

What courses will I take?

Students will enroll in 7 credit hours (two 3-credit courses and one 1-credit online course) over the summer.  Placement into courses is based on the students SAT/ACT test scores.  With their academic advisor, students will finalize their summer course schedule and continue working together towards their greater academic goals.

What requirements do summer courses fulfill?

All summer courses count toward requirements to graduate and count towards the state 9 credit hour summer requirement.

How much will attending this summer cost?

Scholarships are available to help offset some of the cost for Summer Beginnings participants. However, in-state undergraduate tuition at USFSM is $185.92 per credit hour while out-of-state undergraduate tuition is $549.74 per credit hour.  Tuition and fees for 7 credit hours this summer for in-state students will be $1,338.44 and $3,885.18 for out-of-state students.  Other costs include books ($300), USF student ID ($10), and a summer parking pass ($50).  Incoming students are also required to obtain a laptop computer for class use.

In-State $185.92 per credit hour
Out-of-State $549.74 per credit hour
Other Fees
Books Approximately $300
USF Student ID $10
Summer Parking Pass $50

Need more help? Contact us!

  • Dr. Su Senapati, Coordinator of Learning Support Services  |  Email
  • Kim Mones, Director of Student Engagement  |  Email
  • Brandon Avery, Assistant Director of Admissions  |  Email