Student Organization Listing_Bkup

Join the fun by getting more involved at USFSM! Take a look at our current student clubs and organizations below.

Accounting Society
Prepares accounting students for professional roles in the field of accounting and in the business world.

Adventure Club
Promotes wellness through adventures such as hiking, horseback riding, shooting, kayaking, paddle boarding and more.

Alpha Rho Chapter of Sigma Alpha Omega
A Christian social sorority.

The Student Alumni Association at USFSM, sponsored by the USF Alumni Association.

American Association of University Women (AAUW)
Empowers women and minorities to achieve their fullest.

Beta Gamma Sigma
An honor society that recognizes business excellence.

Biology Club
Helps local high school biology teachers with classroom support and encourages high school students to consider careers in science.

Box Office Bulls (BOB)
A club dedicated to the academic appreciation of motion-picture photography, stage and theater art, and performance related to comedy and expression.

Bulls Who Bullieve (BWB)
Unites Christians on campus through bi-weekly bible study, community service projects and open discussions.

Campus Activities Board
Offers free activities, food and fun on campus for all current students.

Circle K International
Fosters compassion and goodwill towards others through services and leadership.

Criminology Club
Promotes interest in criminology and criminal justice, and enables students to learn about the career opportunities in this field.

Debate Club
Establish the skills required to participate in intelligent, reasoned debates concerning public policy and community issues.

Electronic Gaming Group
Provides an environment to have fun and compete in gaming battles with friends.

English Society
Promotes interest in literature and writing on campus and in the community.

Gamers’ Guild
A community for students to learn about and play various table-top and role-playing games.

Hospitality Financial and Technology Professionals
Offers educational and networking experiences through HFTP Manasota Chapter and the global professional organization.

Interdisciplinary Society
An organization dedicated to community service and the betterment of others.

Latin American Student Association
Integrates Latin American and non-Latino students at USFSM to create a family-oriented environment where trust, personal goals and success can thrive.

Math Club
Engages students in the benefits and opportunities afforded to individuals who undertake the study of math.

National Student Speech Language Hearing Association
A national organization for students interested in the study of normal and disordered human communication.

Pre-Health Professions Club
Devoted to helping students acquire a better understanding of the requirements of professional school and health professions.

Psychology Club
Expands the academic experience for all students through events and networking forums with local businesses and organizations.

Recreational Events Club
Provides students the opportunity to socialize and participate in recreational activities on and off campus.

Rowing Club
A club for those interested in exercising through rowing, competing in regattas, and to meet new people who are interested in fitness.

S3 IT Club
Also called the Suncoast Security Society, this club offers training, study resources and more for students interested in information technology, cyber security and other related fields.

Self Contained Underwater Bulls Association (SCUBA)
An association for students interested in SCUBA diving, snorkeling, free diving and spear fishing.

Student Government Association
Supports students through activities, services, advocacy, leadership and school pride.

Student Veteran Society
Supports veterans, their families and the community through events, raising awareness, and more.

Students Together and Naturally Diverse (STAND)
A Gay Straight Alliance created to support LGBTQ students and promote diversity at USFSM.

Brings all types of students together to expand their knowledge in the art of DJing.

Offers an opportunity for students to become better acquainted with chemical science, to foster an awareness of the responsibilities and challenges of the modern chemist, and more.