Student Research FAQ


Why should I do research as an undergraduate?

Conducting research as an undergraduate is an important step to explore an area of interest in depth, increase problem solving and critical thinking capabilities, network within your field of interest and also turn the theoretical knowledge into real-world experience.

How are undergrads involved?

There are several ways that you can engage in research at USFSM.  You can be a lab assistant or work as a research assistants who conduct research on faculty led research projects.


What are some other ways to get hands-on experience?

Industry/corporate/social service internships are available through Career Services.

Is research the same as an internship?

No. Internships are sometimes paid, and research is always voluntary.

Do I have to wait until I'm an upper-class student to conduct research?

No way! USFSM faculty are interested in working with all students. However, some research projects may require coursework (e.g., research methods, statistics) before you are ready to participate.

Can I receive credit for undergrad research?

Yes. Students may receive 1 to 3 credits toward the degree. However, rules regarding how the credits vary by the departments.

What is the time commitment for participating into a research project?

Time commitments varies widely by the faculty and the type of the project. So, be sure to discuss the time expectations with the faculty you are planning to work with.

How do I find out about research opportunities?

You can talk to faculty members you have had for class or your faculty advisor for available research projects.