Our faculty continues to make a positive impact in the lives of our students and our local and international communities through breakthrough research. Take a look at the funding opportunities below and make sure to check back each semester for updates.

The USFSM Internal Awards program is activating research on the USF Sarasota-Manatee campus

Faculty response to the inaugural USFSM Internal Awards Program has been very positive with exciting projects from all four colleges, 31 of the 84 faculty (37%) participated. The areas of support included: applied biology, cybersecurity, bio-transformed yeast compounds, human trafficking, technology enhanced classroom management, veteran reintegration, refugee resettlement, understanding the fear America’s fear of terrorism.

Measurable Return on Investment 

This Internal Awards Program is designed to support USFSM faculty in their research and scholarship goals. A benefit of this formalized support is that the program participation demonstrates the capacity and enthusiasm for research activity on our campus. As we build a robust research enterprise at USFSM, this program will help cultivate strong grantsmanship skills and provide an invaluable opportunity for service on peer review panels.

Award Terms and Conditions:

Summer Research Grants (Scholarship Awards): Faculty who accept this award can teach only in Summer B, not in Summer A or Summer C term. Awardees are expected to dedicate time during Summer A to their scholarly productivity. These grant funds cover part of the faculty salary or course buyout only, a 3-credit course equivalent, with the expectation that colleges may hire adjuncts if needed to cover courses. The appropriate combo code will be provided in the award notice. Overload or extra compensation is not allowed.

For those faculty who applied for support from the USFSM Internal Awards and another internal grant – the larger grant from USF Tampa should be accepted, and USFSM funding would be relinquished.

Post-award assistance available as needed, email research@sar.usf.edu.  Travel, purchasing, payroll and student appointments will be managed locally in the colleges. 

All awardees are expected to submit a brief report at the conclusion of the project period. Award reports are to be submitted to research@sar.usf.edu.  Final reports should be written for the intelligent, non-expert audience, and  should include:

A brief description of your project, a one to two page summary of your project results.

Complete reports should answer these questions:

  1. As a result of this funding, were proposals submitted or resubmitted for external grant funding, and were they funded?
  2. Address how this grant assisted in leveraging currently funded research to develop and submit proposals, or include the status, if any, of new proposals that were developed and submitted for external funding.
  3. Include details of any articles or books that were published, any exhibitions held, or papers presented due to this funding.

Provide any additional recommendations and/or conclusions.

Supporting material is optional.

USF Research & Innovation Internal Awards Program

Conference Coordinator Grant – Awards up to $5,000, to be spent within 12 months, these funds are poised to support the coordination of a Conference hosted at USF Sarasota Manatee. This grant opportunity is provided in two cycles, Fall and Spring.
Guidelines (PDF)
Application (MS Word)

Creative Scholarship Grant – Awards up to $10,000, to be spent within 12 mos., the goal of this grant is to support programs that will result in research scholarship, or creation of a new work, or performance.  This is not exclusively an Arts & Humanities award, as all disciplines can be creative. This grant opportunity is provided in one cycle, Spring only.
Guidelines (PDF)
Application (MS Word)

Faculty International Travel Grant – Awards up to $2,500 per trip. This grant is event specific, providing faculty travel funds to present at major professional meetings or conferences outside the USA. Highest priority is given to faculty who are personally invited to give keynote speeches, plenary presentations, or other ‘major’ addresses, presentations, performances. Also considered is the event’s prestige and scope. This grant opportunity is provided in two cycles, Fall and Spring.
Guidelines (PDF)
Application (MS Word)

New Researcher Grants – Awards up to $10,000 to be spent within 12 mos., these grants are designed for early career faculty or those NEW to USF (employment within 4 years or less), and do not yet have established funding sources. The program’s goal is to help launch faculty research, scholarship, or artistic performance activities that will ultimately result in extramural funding. This grant opportunity is provided in one cycle, Spring only.
Guidelines (PDF)
Application (MS Word)

Proposal Enhancement Grants – Awards up to $25,000, spent over 12 mos., these funds are designed to position federal proposals for competitive resubmission, increasing the probability of securing external funding. Applications must include federal proposal and peer review comments. This grant opportunity is provided in one cycles, Spring only.
Guidelines (PDF)
Application (MS Word) 

USF World International Resources

Event Funding – To further USF’s strategic goal to encourage international engagement and research, USF World offers contributing funds to support select faculty-directed events. Event funds are primarily dedicated as a faculty resource, however, student organizations may receive funding under exceptional circumstances and with faculty endorsement. Complete this Event Funding Application Form. Include additional pages describing the event as necessary. Submit supporting documentation as separate attachments. Email the completed Event Funding Application Form and the supporting documentation to USFWorldEvents@usf.edu with “Event Funding Request” in the subject line.

Learn more about USF World resources


ResearchOne is the brand used by USF Research & Innovation to promote research-related activities and events that showcase the work of our researchers throughout the USF System. We want to help you promote your ResearchOne events. Research & Innovation, in collaboration with our ResearchOne sponsors, is offering the opportunity to apply for limited funding from $100 to $1,000 for research-related events held at a USF venue.  Apply for funding by completing 2-part ONLINE APPLICATION at least 60 days prior to the date of your event. Funding is limited so make sure to apply early.