Dear Readers,

 Welcome to the inaugural issue of the University of South Florida, Sarasota-Manatee Student Research Journal.

 USFSM is a small campus that encourages student growth and achievement through curiosity, critical thinking, and research. This journal acts as a space to showcase the culmination of our students’ hard work and dedication to a wider audience. It is our expectation that this journal will bring together the minds of a diverse selection of students to collectively share our thoughts. In an effort to expand the opportunities of our capable student body, The USFSM Student Research Journal will encourage further engagement of student research on campus. We welcome you all to the beginnings of the USFSM Student Research Journal.

 The USFSM Student Research Journal is a publication of research articles from a variety of disciplines. Our committee includes faculty from each of USFSM’s departments: the College of Business, the College of Science and Mathematics, the College of Hospitality and Tourism Leadership, and the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences. Our Editorial Board and invited manuscript reviewers cover a wide range of research disciplines to provide a principled review process for an extensive scope of methodologies and subject matters. We are dedicated to giving students in every field a chance to share their academic findings in a journal that will be available to the public. We encourage students to challenge themselves and submit a manuscript. Students publishing manuscripts in the USFSM Student Research Journal will gain an opportunity to build their academic portfolio. Engaging in research as an undergraduate student can open doors to graduate school and even lead inquisitive students down a new career path. This is an excellent chance to gain exposure to the academic research and publishing process that students will need to experience during the continuation of their careers. 

We would like to give special thanks to the members of administration, faculty, and student body who supported our efforts in creating this journal. The Student Research Journal is one of USFSM’s many research opportunities that encourages field advancement and provides experience for our talented students. Let us continue to learn and aspire to new heights together.


Laura Hidri

Student Editor