Our editorial board consists of experienced faculty members from each of USFSM's colleges. Meet the crew below!

Principle Editors

kimDr. Kimberly Badanich - College of Science & Mathematics - Psychology

timDr. Timothy Turner - College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences - English

Associate Editors


Dr. Zacharias Pieri -  College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences - Interdisciplinary Social Sciences

Dr. Zacharias Pieri is an instructor of International Relations and Security Studies at the University of South Florida Sarasota-Manatee, where he also serves as the Coordinator of the ISS Internship Program. He earned his Ph.D. in Political Science from the University of Exeter, UK, where he also graduated with a Masters degree in Modern Middle East Studies. Dr. Pieri’s research investigates relationships between religion, politics and violence. His focus is on the ideological and strategic development of Boko Haram, and the evolution of Islamic State’s franchises. He has consulted on international projects investigating counter-radical discourses amongst Muslim communities around the world. In the past he has worked on the adaptation of Islamist movements and the contentious politics of mosque construction in Britain. Dr. Pieri has authored 2 books and numerous articles in his field. Dr. Pieri has advised UK and US governments on conflict in Africa and regularly appears in the media including the BBC, Canadian Television News, the Washington Post, and International Business Times among others.


heleneDr. Helene Robinson - College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences - School of Education

ramDr. Ramakrishna Govindu - College of Business -  Information Systems/Decision Science

faizanDr. Faizan Ali - College of Hospitality & Tourism Leadership - Marketing

Student Editor

Laura Hidri - Professional & Technical Communications Major

Publication Staff

Andy Faza - USFSM Marketing & Communications

Krista Schrock - USFSM Marketing & Communications