Read through our frequently asked questions about faculty research. If you can't find the question you'd like to ask, email the Office of Research at for more information. 

What is USFSMs research mandate/mission?

As a valued member of the USF System, the University of South Florida Sarasota‐Manatee will be nationally recognized as a student‐centered, research focused, community‐engaged university that values all types of research published in peer-reviewed journals or published as books.

How do university students contribute to research?

At USFSM, we pair our students with world-class faculty who are conducting a wealth of meaningful research to enable undergraduate and graduate students play key roles in a number of research projects. Students are often responsible for data collection, data analysis, literature review, as well as other things. Every April, the Student Research Showcase brings together undergraduate students and professors to present their current research projects in a poster and oral exhibition.

How does the university connect its research mandate to the community?

USFSM hosts a number of conferences each year to interact with the community and generate an interest in ongoing research at the university.

How do I contact a faculty expert?

Please email Sandy Justice for research expert inquiries.You can find specific faculty members through the faculty directory. Coming soon, you will be able to visit our “Find an Expert” page and search by research area.

Whom do I contact for further information about research at the university?

You can direct all research inquiries to Sandy Justice at the Office of Research.

Whom do I contact for media inquiries?

Media inquiries should be directed to the Communications and Marketing department at 941-359-4319.

Whom do I contact for IRB inquiries?

IRB at USF is fully electronic, managed through the ARC system. All application for initial review and all subsequent submissions related to that study must be submitted via ARC