Interdisciplinary Social Sciences

College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences
Bachelor’s Degree

"There is no social-change fairy. There is only change made by the hands of individuals."
— Winona LaDuke

Program Overview

The B.A. degree in Interdisciplinary Social Sciences (ISS) at USFSM educates students in research methodology and statistics, critical observation, analysis of society, awareness of diversity and the creative synthesis of disciplinary knowledge to address current social issues. It encourages students to integrate diverse perspectives and develop the type of comprehensive understanding necessary to deal with the complexity of real-world problems.

ISS is designed to provide an interdisciplinary integration of the social sciences for students who are interested in a broad educational experience. This program also offers a wide choice of courses as well as an opportunity to design a quality program geared toward individual needs and interests.

Multidisciplinary Concentrations include: Crime, Law & Justice; Environmental Science & Policy; Government & Global Affairs; Applied Aging & Wellbeing; and Social Relations & Policy. Learn more about the concentrations for the ISS program here.

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Is the ISS Program Right for You?

Are you interested in learning about a variety of social science disciplines? Do you enjoy thinking creatively and holistically about current social issues?  Do you want to develop a broad range of investigative and problem-solving skills?

If you would like to gain skills that will prepare you for wide variety of occupations and graduate programs, USFSM’s Interdisciplinary Social Science program might be the right fit for you. The ISS program at USFSM also has an Honors Society, Alpha Iota Sigma, to recognize the academic scholarship and achievements of interdisciplinary students at the undergraduate level.

Future Careers

The knowledge, background and skills emphasized in USFSM’s ISS program are called for by many professions and graduate programs. With a degree from USFSM’s ISS program, graduates are appealing to companies looking for creative, independent thinkers who are skilled at addressing complex problems and understanding and analyzing data.

The BA degree in ISS offers excellent preparation for a variety of careers that require investigative and critical thinking skills, holistic and creative approached to problem solving and working with diverse groups. Potential areas of graduate study and careers for ISS students include:

  • Social Sciences
  • Public Health
  • Law
  • Education
  • Counseling
  • Human Resources (HR)
  • Customer Service
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Social Scientific Research
  • Interdisciplinary Studies
  • Criminal Justice
  • Psychology

For more information on future careers and internships, please visit Career Services.

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