Browser Recommendations

The E-Learning department recommends that students and faculty utilize the Firefox web browser to access Canvas and related programs. While Canvas supports all modern web browsers (including Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Safari), we have found that Firefox users encounter the fewest number of issues viewing and managing their online course content.

Download Firefox (Canvas Preferred Browser)

Note: Canvas does not support Internet Explorer on Windows XP or Windows Vista.

Keeping Your Browser Up-To-Date

Regardless of which web browser you use to access your online course content, it is important to make sure that it is kept up-to-date.

  • Firefox — We suggest that you configure Firefox to update automatically (this option is set by default), but you can also update Firefox manually. We also recommend that you routinely update your Firefox browser plug-ins.
  • Chrome — Google Chrome automatically checks for and installs updates whenever you close and reopen the program. However, you can still check for Chrome updates manually. Chrome will notify you whenever it detects that one of your browser plug-ins is out of date. To update to the latest version of that plug-in, click “Update plug-in” in the notification message.
  • Safari (Mac OS) — Updates for Safari come bundled with other updates for your Mac. Your computer should notify you automatically when they become available. To check for updates manually go to the top-left corner of your screen and click Apple () menu > Software Update.
  • Internet Explorer (Windows) — Be sure you have upgraded to the latest version of Internet Explorer available for your version of Windows. Once you have, Internet Explorer can be kept up to date automatically using Windows Update. Windows 7 users can run Windows Update manually by selecting it in the Start menu. Windows 8 users should go to their computer Settings, select “Change PC settings” and then select “Update and recovery”.

Install/Update Java — Many web-based applications require Java to run, including some instruction tools (e.g. Blackboard Collaborate).

Install/Update Flash — Flash is required in several places in Canvas: media recording/streaming and viewing as well as uploading files to a course or an assignment.