IBCT Certificate

Incredi-Bull Critical Thinking Certificate

Differentiate yourself from the masses! Students who qualify for the IBCT certificate will have tangible evidence of their commitment to critical thinking to share with prospective employers and graduate schools.

The certificate requires a total of 12 credits of approved IBCT courses. A list of approved courses is available below and also from academic advisors. We will keep track of the students who take the IBCT courses. When you apply to graduate, make sure you see your advisor about qualifying for the certificate.

Please note the CRNs of the IBCT courses you wish to take, listed next to the course names below. Enter these CRNs as you register for classes on the “Register, Add or Drop Classes” page on OASIS.

Critical Thinking Resources for USFSM Students 

IBCT Program & Certificate flyer.


Summer 2017

Subj./No. Session Section Title CRN Instructor
SPA 4510 C 521 Clinical Methods & Counseling 60543 Hegyi
LDR 4204 C 521 Ethics and Power in Leadership 57159 Kosten
RED 4333 C 522 Content Area Reading 60684 Wilson
RED 4333 C 591 Content Area Reading 60574 Wilson

Fall 2017

Subj./No. Section Title CRN Instructor
SSE 4380 522 Global/Multicul Persp in Ed 88666 McBrien
MAN 3025 521 Principles of Management 81348 Penney
SPA 4510 522 Clinical Methods & Counseling 89425 Hegyi
SPA 4510 523 Clinical Methods & Counseling 90591 Hegyi
POS 2041 521 American National Government 92014 Hodges
EDF 3604 521 Schools and Society 87977 McBrien
LDR 4204 521 Ethics and Power in Leadership 87042 Kosten
RED 4333 521 Content Area Reading 95463 Wilson
ENC 1101 524 Composition I 90651 Lawrence
ENC 1101 525 Composition I 91048 Lawrence
ENC 1102 522 Composition II 90996 Lawrence