When do I want to study abroad?

No matter the end result, it is always best to plan early. Everyone’s schedule is different so this is something you really need to think about. It is always a good idea to go to your major’s academic adviser and talk about your desire to go abroad so this person can help you make room in your schedule. The earlier you have this conversation, the easier it is to make sure you stay on track for graduation. This includes saving some of your electives for the semester or summer you want to go and researching the schools for ones that offer your major.

Students looking to go abroad for a semester must have at least sophomore standing the first semester they are away. Graduating seniors may not go abroad in their last semester as grades often take two or more months to properly transfer from overseas. Sophomore and junior year are the most popular times for students to study for a full semester.

Students interested in summer programs are welcomed at any stage or level of their education, so long as the student is at least 18 years old at the time of participation (certain exception can be made with parental consent for younger students enrolled at USF).

Graduate students are advised to check with their departments as required courses are often only taught on campus during certain parts of the year. Scheduling and logistics for alternative-calendar programs such as independent research, field work, medical rotations, special projects and internships should be a collaborative effort between the student, their department, and the Education Abroad Office.

For more information contact GEO