What do I want to study?

The academic requirements you are looking to fulfill can greatly influence the program you select. Our summer programs have a variety of available courses, but they are limited by which faculty are going and the classes the institute overseas is willing to teach. Most summer programs will have a short-list of one to six classes offered (the average being two). Students should check the individual program pages and descriptions to see which classes are offered on these short programs. Some summer programs like our Cambridge International Summer School offer a large number of courses with very specific topics. Students should always speak with the academic department from which they are looking to get credit to be certain they understand how these summer courses will transfer back to USF.

Semester programs offer students the greatest selection of courses as the entire course catalog of the foreign school is normally open to students studying for a semester or a year. That being said, students may be limited in language of instruction in the case of countries where English is not the primary language; in most cases courses are available in English, but students should investigate their school of choice.

For more information contact GEO