Dr. Jane Roberts

USFSM to launch master’s of social work degree program

Title: Instructor II

Area of Interest: Social Work

Phone: 941-359-4604

Curriculum Vitae: CV

Email: jroberts@sar.usf.edu

Office: SMC C254

Dr. Jane Roberts is an Instructor in the College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences at the University of South Florida Sarasota-Manatee. Dr. Roberts teaches individual, family, and group practice and obtained her Ph.D. in gerontology at Virginia Tech. Her subsequent research interests emphasize age bias and prejudicial views toward older people, as well as familial and socio-cultural influences upon adults of the WWII era. She has conducted a study of community disaster planning in relation to older adults in Sarasota, Charlotte, and Manatee Counties. Her clinical and administrative career has included psychotherapy, hospice and hospital administration, and employment by the federal government as a Health Research Scientist, where she coordinated a multi-state study of veterans with Alzheimer’s-type dementias.


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