Dr. Feng Hao

feng hao usf usfsm

Title: Assistant Professor

Area of Interest: Environmental Sociology, Globalization, Research Methods (Statistics, Survey, Interview, GIS)

Phone: 941-359-4219

Curriculum Vitae: CV

Email: fenghao@sar.usf.edu

Office: C242

Dr. Feng Hao received his Ph.D. from Washington State University in 2015 and worked as a lecturer at the University of Richmond in the past year. Feng’s research interests include the interactions between human society and natural environment, employing multiple methods to analyze the anthropogenic ecological impact, public opinion about the environment, and the environmental movement.  Feng is familiar with different statistical techniques including OLS regression, panel data analysis, multilevel regression, and structural equation modeling. He has the experience of designing and implementing surveys on Chinese environmental movement organizations. He also uses the Geographic Information System (GIS) approach to investigate data about climate change.  His publications have appeared in Social Science Quarterly, Perspectives on Global Development and Technology, and Journal of Environmental Studies and Sciences. Feng is preparing to teach Introduction to Sociology, Research Methods, Applied Statistics, Environmental Sociology, Globalization, and etc.


Hao, Feng. Forthcoming “A Panel Regression Study on Multiple Predictors of Environmental Concern for 82 Countries across 7 Years.” Social Science Quarterly.

Hao, Feng. 2015. “The Analysis of Social Capital Generation among Coalfield Residents at Harlan County, Kentucky.” The International Journal of Social Quality 5(1): 67-83

Hao, Feng. 2014. “Material Extraction/Consumption and Global Trade: An Empirical Examination for 95 Countries between 1980 and 2009.” Perspectives on Global Development and Technology 13(4): 423-443.

Hao, Feng. 2014. “The Effect of Economic Affluence and Ecological Degradation on Chinese Environmental Concern: A multilevel Analysis.” Journal of Environmental Studies and Sciences 4(2): 123-131.