Welcome to the USF Sarasota-Manatee 25Live webpage!

Effective August 1, 2017, USFSM migrated from ARCHIBUS to the 25Live Space Scheduling system for academic course scheduling and room reservations for meetings and events.

Classrooms for Academic Courses are processed in banner which feeds directly to 25Live through an interface and should not be submitted through 25 Live.

25Live Reservations
25Live is the online scheduling component of CollegeNET. This system is used to schedule space throughout the University.

Signing in to 25Live
Access: Use Chrome or FireFox Browser (Do not use Internet Explorer)

Enter your USF NET ID and password.

For assistance in using 25Live to create an event for space and resources (equipment and services) click on these instructions: Create an Event Using 25Live Event Wizard

The Event Wizard will lead you through the sequence of steps required to setup an event or meeting. Required fields are denoted by a red asterisk.

Guidance will appear on the right side of the screen as you progress through the Wizard.

NOTE: When prompted for Locations Search – enter SAR (for USFSM spaces). Refer to “Create and Event Using 25Live Event Wizard” document, page 13.

Using the online help (You must be signed into 25Live to access)

Keep in mind that you can always consult the online help if you have questions about what to do. Click the   general “Help” button in the upper right of the page to access all Help topics, or click the  Help icon in the navigation bar to access context-specific help for the current view or functional area.

25Live Help Image

NOTE: All space requests go through an approval process and is not considered reserved until approved.

 = REFRESH (must refresh to see newly populated data).

Same day reservations and all other requests /communications for 25Live should be sent to askspace@sar.usf.edu.
Note: Resources are NOT available for same day reservations.

Technical assistance (i.e. access issues, system failures, etc.) should be referred to the USF 25Live System Administrative Team. 25Live-Support@usf.edu.

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