The College of Business at the University of South Florida Sarasota-Manatee provides a high quality, diverse learning environment for business students at the undergraduate and graduate levels. The College strives to prepare students to become ethical decision makers and business and community leaders. The College faculty maintains a balanced emphasis on quality teaching, scholarly pursuits and service activities to benefit the community it serves.


The USF College of Business will be a Learning Community:

  • To enable faculty, staff, and students to participate in an intellectually challenging, caring, and stimulating environment.
  • Promote Educational Excellence and Extend the Frontiers of Knowledge.
  • To respond to the changing needs of our constituencies, and perform at the forefront of business education.
  • Prepare Students Through Critical Inquiry and Creative Thought.
  • To exercise leadership in business and society.
  • To become the honors college for undergraduate business education in the state university system.


  • We Value an Involved Sharing Community.
  • We value a shared decision-making environment, teamwork, and collaboration among faculty, staff, and students.
  • Characterized by Mutual Respect, Trust, Ethical Behavior, Enthusiasm, and Fun.
  • We value the contributions of each individual and our relationships with each other.
  • Dedicated to Lifelong Learning.
  • We value learning and intellectual inquisitiveness throughout one’s life, and Making Substantive Contributions to Knowledge.
  • We value the creating of knowledge and its dissemination to students, business, the academic community, and society.