Undergraduate Programs


Applied Science

This Applied Science program at USF Sarasota-Manatee is designed to grow the professional management skills of students to meet the demand for leadership of highly technical professionals in the workplace. At USFSM, concentrations for the BSAS are available in the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, the College of Hospitality and Tourism Leadership and the College of Business. For CLASS, students can pursue concentrations in either Gerontology or Leadership Studies, CHTL offers the concentration in Hospitality Management and College of Business offers concentrations in Information Technology. CAS, CHTL, CLASS, COB


A degree in Biology from USF Sarasota-Manatee offers students the hands-on experience needed to pursue a career in many fields of biology, as well as the knowledge required to move on to graduate level studies. Graduates demonstrate knowledge in the three principal sub-disciplines of biology: cellular and molecular biology, organismal biology, and ecology and evolution, and are engaged in the scientific process through the planning, execution and interpretation of laboratory or field studies. With a degree in hand, our students are able to analyze ethical challenges and practices in the biological sciences, perform qualitative and quantitative analyses to evaluate scientific information, and can demonstrate skills in the assembly and presentation of oral and written communications on biological investigations. CAS, CSM

Communication Sciences & Disorders

The Bachelor of Science in Communication Sciences & Disorders (CSD) with a concentration in Speech-Language Sciences is open to transfer students with an associate’s degree, students with a bachelor’s degree in a different field, and students beginning the college experience on the USFSM campus. The CSD program is offered 100% online allowing for flexibility for students with busy schedules. Engage with a geographically diverse student body online, and faculty with expertise in online instruction, clinical practice, and research. CAS, CSM


USFSM’s Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminology introduces students to the causes of crime and the current issues in the criminal justice system. The program prepares students for careers in the criminal justice field, including law enforcement, detention, the judiciary, corrections, juvenile justice, probation and parole. USFSM’s Criminology program offers small classes taught by both academic and criminal justice practitioners as well as provides students opportunities to work with faculty on research projects or participate in internships with local criminal justice agencies. Also, the undergraduate program prepares criminology students to pursue a graduate degree in criminology or related disciplines. CAS, CLASS

Elementary Education

With an Elementary Education degree from USF Sarasota-Manatee, undergraduate students are prepared to meet the needs of diverse student learners through arts integration instructional strategies and English as a Second Language (ESOL) Endorsement. The Elementary Education Program is a nationally and regionally accredited program with a curriculum that is current, based on both research and standards. The smaller class sizes allow teacher candidates to receive a superior education from faculty, providing comprehensive training and expertise through the most relevant research and innovative teaching methods. An Elementary Education degree from USFSM will equip students with unique and applicable skills that are widely recognized within the field. CAS, CLASS, COE, SOE


The Bachelor of Arts degree in English with a concentration in British and American Literature grounds students in literary and cultural traditions while training them to be critical thinkers and persuasive communicators. Students develop analytical and communication skills in a vibrant, close-knit learning community, and many have the opportunity to assist with faculty research. An English degree also can be a springboard to enrollment in graduate programs such as English, Law, American Studies, Comparative Literature, Education, Humanities, Communications, Journalism, and English Education. CAS


The Bachelor of Arts degree in History encourages students to move beyond traditional memorization of material to a sophisticated level of thinking, analysis and synthesis. Students within USFSM’s History program learn about the larger context of the world, which is vital to the ability to act. History students develop critical thinking, research skills and the ability to communicate in written and oral form. A background in History enables one to fit into varied fields of employment since the skills mined from this program are adaptable to most professional careers. CAS, CLASS

Interdisciplinary Social Sciences

The B.A. degree in Interdisciplinary Social Sciences (ISS) is designed to provide an interdisciplinary integration of the social sciences for students who are interested in a broad educational experience. ISS offers a wide choice of courses as well as an opportunity to design a quality program geared toward individual needs and interests. Students plan their program in ongoing consultations with academic advisors by selecting two social science concentrations with the option of a third as a minor. USFSM’s ISS program teaches research methodology and statistics, critical observation, analysis of society, awareness of diversity and the creative integration of disciplinary knowledge to address real world problems. It encourages students to integrate diverse perspectives and develop the type of comprehensive understanding necessary to deal with the complexity of real-world problems. It also aims to foster critical thinking skills that can be applied across countless job contexts, which are in demand by employers from a diverse range of occupations. CAS, CLASS

Professional & Technical Communication

The only undergraduate program of its kind in Florida tax-supported higher education, the B.A. in Professional & Technical Communication at USF Sarasota-Manatee offers courses in writing and editing along with electives in business and information technology. Many of the courses are presented completely online to make them convenient for both traditional college students and those who are returning to school as working adults leading busy lives. The program focuses on technical documents as well as corporate communication needs in advertising, crisis management, human resources, marketing communications, and public relations. A vital aspect of the program involves partnering with local businesses and non-profit institutions to offer internships to students. This real-life experience is a degree requirement which gives our graduates a strong competitive edge as they enter their careers. CAS, CLASS


The Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology involves the scientific study of behavior and mental processes. Because of this focus, psychology is relevant to many other areas of study both inside and outside of the social and behavioral sciences. The Psychology program at USF Sarasota-Manatee offers the student a well-rounded liberal arts education in addition to providing excellent training for qualified students who wish to pursue graduate work in such disciplines as Clinical, Cognitive, Industrial Psychology, Neuroscience, Education, Gerontology, Counseling, Management, Medicine, Law and other human service programs. Led by expert faculty in the field of Psychology, the program emphasizes the breadth of psychology while allowing the student some electives to pursue in-depth a particular aspect of the field. CAS, CSM