The College of Arts and Sciences is a community of scholars dedicated to the idea that educated people are the basis of a just and free society. The essences of education are a capacity for and an appreciation of social change within a context of prior human achievement. The faculty of the College of Arts and Sciences strives to instill in its students an understanding of the history of human ideas, a sense of love for learning, and an appreciation of the means that scholars have used in their search for order and beauty in the natural and social worlds.

The education provided by the disciplines of the Arts and Sciences is the foundation upon which the lives and professions of our students are built, and the basis from which personal growth occurs. The College of Arts and Sciences takes as its goal a melding of the natural, humanistic, and social philosophies into a comprehensive whole that encourages the development of new ideas and new approaches to the understanding of our universe.

It is the responsibility of scholars to share their insights for the betterment of society. Thus, the College of Arts and Sciences embraces disciplines that strive to make immediate use of the knowledge in the service of social goals as well as disciplines whose discoveries contribute to the fund of basic information that is the steppingstone of applied knowledge.