Honors Program

The honors curriculum is a series of 3 courses that progress from a team-taught seminar on a special topic, to directed-readings course, to an independent study that culminates in the writing of an honors thesis; this academic work is complemented by 2 co-curricular scholarly events for the honors community.

Mission Statement

The curriculum for the Honors Program at USF Sarasota-Manatee is designed to provide students with an enriched, interdisciplinary undergraduate experience in the company of like-minded scholars who desire to study at an advanced level. The team-taught seminar and the small-group directed readings course develop in students the ability to pursue independent research. Through the mentored experience of writing an undergraduate thesis and discussing it in an academic presentation, honors students have the opportunity to present original argument with scholarly authority and integrity.

Who may apply to the Honors Program?

Undergraduate students in every major, who have a strong academic inclination, are invited to incorporate the USFSM Honors Program into their course of study.

Why might a student apply to the Honors Program?

Students who seek extra challenge in their undergraduate study, instruction in the ways of scholarship, and the opportunity to pursue independent research will find these desires met by the USFSM Honors Program.

How will completing the Honors Program be recognized?

Having completed the Honors Program with an approved thesis will be recorded on the diploma and the academic transcript, to be noted by graduate schools and employers.

More Information

For more information, view this program’s entry in the Academic Catalog.

To apply for the Honors Program or to learn more about it, please contact Dr. Melissa Sloan at melissasloan@sar.usf.edu