Hospitality and Information Technology are two of the fastest growing industries in Florida. USF Sarasota-Manatee recognized the opportunities for students and developed the College of Hospitality and Technology Leadership, housing these two areas of study under one umbrella.

Hospitality Management

When you check into a hotel or enjoy a meal at a restaurant, an amazing world of management tools — planning, finance, technology, marketing, branding, pricing, logistics, staffing and more — are working together. The College of Hospitality and Technology Leadership developed a curriculum that combines essential core courses such as finance, accounting and economics with courses that focus on the application of this knowledge to the hospitality field, including internship courses that provide hands-on experience in the field. Our prime location as a tourism hot-spot allows our students to work at the best tourism and hospitality companies while they complete their education. This program seeks to deliver hospitality professionals that add to the financial, intellectual, environmental, ethical and social growth of Florida and the nation.

Information Technology

Our IT program is designed to bridge the gap between computer science and management information systems with an emphasis on knowledge-based computer and information technology, as well as more practical topics including programming, applications, networking, systems administration, and the management of a variety of computing environments. IT continues to shape our nation, inspiring us to develop distinctive concentrations that industry professionals confirm mirror the needs of the industry.

The Information Technology curriculum has been developed utilizing a team-based approach with educators and industry partners to create a rigorous program which reflects current and emerging industry needs.