Big Data represents technologies that enable in-depth analytics of extremely large data sets characterized by Volume, Velocity, Variety and Veracity. As storage costs drop rapidly and computing power grows exponentially, distributed and massive parallel processing enable businesses to discern meanings out of seemingly unrelated and unstructured data. Big Data enables deeper insights for business and facilitates near real-time decision making. This certificate prepares students to handle the challenges and capitalize on the opportunities of Big Data through storage, extraction, loading, analysis, distribution, sharing, visualization and reporting.

Required Courses (6 credit hours)

Course Number Title Credit Hours Requisites (KEY) Notes (KEY)
CIS 4342 NoSQL Databases 3 PR: COP 2250
CIS 4344 Big Data Architecture with Hadoop 3 PR: COP 2250

Choose 3 of the following courses (9 credit hours) 

Course Number Title Credit Hours Requisites (KEY) Notes (KEY)
CGS 3847 Portal Development & e-Commerce 3 PR: GEB 3016; CP: COP 4834
CIS 4203 Cyber Forensics and Investigation 3 PR: COP 2030, MAD 2104
CIS 4368 Database Security and Audits 3 PR: COP 3718
COP 3259 Comprehensive Java 3 PR: COP 2250
COP 3718 Intermediate Database Systems 3 PR: COP 2700
COP 3722 Advanced Database Systems Design 3 PR: COP 3718, COP 2700
COP 4710 Database Design 3 PR: COP 3331; CP: COP 4530
ISM 4545 Big Data Processing with R 3 PR: STA 2122

Total 15 credit hours