Schedule a Class Visit

If you have a conference to attend, don’t cancel class. Invite the Career Center staff to present on topics that contribute to the outcomes of your course.

Written communication skills

  • Students will write a resume using action verbs and describe work experience in measurable terms.
  • Students will write a persuasive cover letter and describe the skills, qualities and experiences that make them the perfect candidate for the job.

Verbal communication skills

  • Students will listen for the true meaning behind interview questions and answer questions in clear and concise statements.
  • Students will effectively introduce themselves.
  • Students will demonstrate body language that conveys confidence.

Research skills

  • Students will identify resources available to research corporations and find the hidden job market.
  • Students will know how to research salaries and the cost-of living for a specific area.


  • Students will develop an electronic portfolio showcasing their academic success by using the latest technology.

To schedule a presentation, contact Toni Ripo, Coordinator of Career Services USF SMC at 941-359-4586 orĀ