Activity Reports

011615, 9:05 AM: Campus Police assisted Environmental Health and Safety with 11 fire drills/alarm tests in occupied buildings. A copy of the reports will be sent to Environmental Health and Safety and Physical Plant Administration. (2015-0086 through 2015-0096 and 2015-0101)

011615, 4:08 PM: Campus Police discovered found property in the area of the Dort and Goldstein Residence Halls. The items were placed into the property locker.

011715, 12:29 AM: Campus Police received an anonymous complaint from the area of the Pei Dorms regarding loud music coming from the Wall in Palm Court. Campus Police located the event sponsor and the music was lowered. A copy of the report will be sent to Student Affairs. (2015-0099)

011715, 12:41 AM: Campus Police discovered two underage New College Students in Possession of alcoholic beverages in Palm Court. The two were checked and issued Student Affairs Referrals for Violation of Campus Policy. A copy of the report will be sent to Student Affairs. (2015-0100)

011715, 9:36 AM: Campus Police received a report from a New College Staff member who resides in the Uplands regarding a neighbor dispute. The incident was documented.

011715, 5:48 PM: Campus Police responded to an unknown alarm coming from the fire panel in the Cook Library. The alarm panel read “Trouble Telco 1.” The on-call PHS Staff member was contacted and a work order was completed.

011815, 7:20 PM: Campus Police responded to an alarm coming fro the fire panel in V Residence Hall Room #1205 caused by cooking. The alarm panel display read: “entry smoke detector.” The panel was silenced and reset.

011915, 9:32 AM: Campus Police responded to a Security Alarm at USFSM. Officer’s checked the exterior doors and all were properly secured. There were no staff or students found in the area. A copy of the report will be sent to USFSM Administration.

011915, 10:01 PM: Campus Police received an anonymous report regarding two suspicious subjects looking through vehicles in a campus parking lot. Campus Police checked the area but were unable to locate the subjects.

• During the past week Residence Hall Security Checks discovered several areas of concern. Copies of the report will be sent to Student Affairs. (2015-0038)
• Random alcohol ID checks were performed over the weekend with two violations noted.