Activity Reports

092914, 9:24 AM: Campus Police received an Abandoned 911 call from a Staff Member in the Cook Library. Campus Police verified the accidental nature of the call and the incident was documented.

092914, 12:22 PM: Campus Police received property from a New College Staff Member in Student Affairs that was found on the Bayfront. The items were placed into Found Property.

092914, 3:34 PM: Campus Police received a report for a non-injury traffic crash in the parking lot of the Social Science Building. Campus Police investigated the incident which involved a New College Student and Staff Member. Both subjects were issued New College Traffic Warnings and a DHSMV Crash report was completed. A copy of the report will be sent to Student Affairs. (2014-0798)

092914, 7:32 PM: Campus Police discovered an unsecured door in Palmer Building D. The building was checked and the door was secured. A NUB was sent to the responsible party.