Activity Reports

082114, 5:05 PM:  Campus Police received found property from a New College Staff Member at the Library.  The item was placed into found property.

082114, 5:24 PM:  Campus Police received found by a student near Sudakoff.  The property was turned over to the rightful owner, a New College Student.

082114, 6:02 PM:  Campus Police responded to an alarm coming from the fire panel for Goldstein Residence Hall #202 caused by cooking.  The alarm panel read 0001 Supervisory Act Room 202A.

082114, 6:29 PM:  Campus Police documented an issue a New College Student was having with a Staff Member concerning a procedural matter.  The matter remains under investigation.  A copy of the report will be sent to Student Affairs, Human Resources, and Suzanne Janney upon completion.  (2014-0632)

082214, 12:51 AM:  Campus Police responded to a report from a New College Student of an alarm coming from the fire panel for Pei Residence Hall Second Court for unknown reasons.  The panel door was observed to be unsecured and the display read “0001 Common Trbl ACT Dorm Bates Hall”.  The panel door is unable to be secured due to a broken lock.  A work order was previously completed.

082214, 2:03 AM:  Campus Police responded with a New College Staff Member from Student Affairs to a New College Student who may have been in need of mental health assistance in Z Residence Hall.  The student was not in any immediate danger.  A copy of the report will be sent to Student Affairs and the CWC.  (2014-0633)