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The New Frontier for Teachers: Online Learning


Posted: February 20, 2017

The New Frontier for Teachers: Online Learning

Over the last two decades, technology has completely transformed our day-to-day lives. The internet, in particular, has had a tremendous impact on every industry, from big industries and local businesses, to non-profits and government sectors.

So it should come as no surprise that education has seen a dramatic increase in the availability of online classes, also called e-learning or distance-learning courses. Within the last few years, studies have shown that nearly one in seven students are enrolled exclusively in online courses and programs.

This trend suggests that many students are interested in and value online learning, which means it’s important for educators to adapt and learn how to successfully teach online courses. No matter the grade level or subject you teach, you should begin to familiarize yourself with the most effective online teaching strategies. It’s also vital that you understand the benefits (as well as the challenges) of an online learning environment, so you can best support your students.

Online Learning: What You Should Know

Are you interested in having a holistic knowledge of what online courses are all about? If so, earning the Certificate in Online Teaching and Learning might be a great choice for you.

With this four-course certificate, you can gain the essential skills necessary to teach online classes. The courses you’ll take will cover strategies, tools and best practices needed to teach a successful and effective online class.

New Frontier for Teachers Online Learning

Learn Best Practices of Online Teaching

Whether you have taught online before or are new to this learning environment, you should at a minimum know the fundamentals of online teaching, strategies and principles for these types of courses. By taking the Best Practices in Online Teaching course, you can have a sense of what it’s like to be an online student so that you can design and lead an online course with ease.

You’ll also be challenged to think about how your online teaching practices might be different from your face-to-face teaching experience. What might you need to change about the way you run your classes if they were entirely online? What benefits could your students have access to? How might this make your role easier/more difficult? These are things you’ll have to start considering while you take this course.

Making Your Online Courses Accessible

One of the most important parts of online learning is ensuring your courses are easily accessible and effective, especially for adult learners. With the Online Learning Accessibility course, you can better understand the definition and components of online learning accessibility, the key terms in accessibility, accessibility standards, federal requirements and the key methods to make your online class accessible for a variety of online learners.

New Frontier for Teachers Online Learning

Blending the Old with the New

Even if you won’t be an educator teaching exclusively online, it’s helpful to begin looking at how you might integrate new technologies into your classroom. Blended learning—where a portion of a traditional face-to-face class is replaced with web-based learning—is another recent trend you should consider becoming familiar with.

Not sure where to start? Take a Blended Learning course, where you will learn all about blended learning, collaborative online tools for a 21st century learning environment and adding new technologies to the traditional classroom. Just a few of the many benefits of blended learning include: improved student engagement rates, collaborative teaching, extended time with students, increased motivation and personalized development plans.

How to Design an Online Course

Are you interested in learning how to build an online course? With the Designing Your Online Course class, you have the chance to better understand how to properly design an online learning environment for your students.

From lessons about visual design and user experience, to information architecture, interaction design and usability, this class is extremely helpful for those who have never designed an online course before, or for those who would like to improve their online course structure.

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