Be sure you know these business fundamentals to boost your success.

Business Fundamentals for Working Professionals


Posted: February 20, 2017

Business Fundamentals for Working Professionals

Even if you’ve been a working professional for many years, it can be extremely helpful to learn the basics of business outside of your expertise – or refresh your memory on skills you studied several years ago.

No matter your industry or career, the following is a list of business fundamentals all working professionals should consider learning in order to succeed.

Know How to Market Your Company

Any business in this day and age will fail without relevant, efficient and quality marketing and advertising. Marketing is essential, since it drives sales leads, spreads awareness about your brand and challenges your company to understand its audience.

It’s important for business owners and employees alike to have an overall understanding of what marketing is and how it plays a role in a company’s bigger picture. If you want to learn more about the marketing process, marketing concepts, strategic planning and customer engagement, take the Overview of Marketing course online.

Understand the Basics of Finance

Money makes the world go ‘round, especially in business. But do you know the difference between profits and revenue? Do you know the fundamental principles involved in financial management?

With the Introduction to Finance class, you’ll gain an understanding of financial markets, financial management, social and ethical impacts of a business’s financial decisions, the life cycle of corporate financing . . . and a whole lot more!

Business Fundamentals for Working Professionals

Be a Leader for Your Employees

Do you dream of being promoted to a leadership position? Or have you just started working in leadership and need a little guidance? Consider taking an Introduction to Leadership course.

This online class teaches you a variety of essential lessons about being a leader. You’ll discover the role of ethics in leadership, the basics of leadership theories and the key qualities for great leaders—all in one course.

Know How to Analyze Data

Data analysis is also one of the most important fundamentals you can learn as a working professional. It plays a vital role in assisting with changes in day-to-day operations, the ROI of your marketing efforts and the success rates of your employees.

And even if you aren’t required to analyze data every day in your current role, chances are you’ll need to learn the basics of data to assist in any decision making processes your company or department has over time. Enroll in the Introduction to Data Analysis course to better understand why quantitative analysis and analytics are important to decision making, how to measure errors and successes in business, and how research applies to a variety of industries.

Business Fundamentals for Working Professionals

Learn About Human Resource Management

Whether you are considering a career in human resources or your job requires basic knowledge of HR terms and processes, the Introduction to Human Resource Management course could be a great fit for you.

This class will teach you about the roles and responsibilities of HR management, the definition of HR key terms, the day-to-day functions of an HR department and a whole lot more.

Professional and Continuing Education Courses at USFSM

USF Sarasota-Manatee has a wide variety of professional and continuing education courses available for working professionals. These classes can help individuals in nearly every industry, with lessons on many topics from finance to marketing. For more information, please explore our course listings online or contact Dr. Dina Ciotola at 941-359-4413 or

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