Chloe Conboy interned for ABC7 Sarasota in Fall of 2016.

Student by day, broadcaster by night

By: Chloe Conboy

Posted: January 24, 2017

Student by day, broadcaster by night

Last year was truly amazing, a year well spent as I interned at local news station ABC7 Sarasota.

When I landed this internship, I didn’t know what to expect. I never would have imagined I’d have the types of experiences I’ve had while learning important lessons about the news business, such as the value of networking and collaboration.

chloe conboy internship abc7 sarasota usfsmOver the course of my experience, I learned the essentials of broadcasting, the ins and outs of newsroom positions as well as the sales side of broadcasting. I was provided opportunities to write scripts for anchors, produce live shots in the field, even assist in coverage of the 2016 Election.

I never would have imagined coming face-to-face with President-Elect Donald Trump. But it happened – twice.

On one occasion, I was generously invited to meet him by one of the reporters, Alan Cohn, who anchors his own show at 7 p.m. Additionally, when the President-Elect visited Tampa and Sarasota during the election season, I met him and saw first-hand how interviews and live shots are planned and arranged at political rallies and conboy donald trump abc7 sarasota usfsm

Not only was I involved in the political side of broadcasting, but I worked with the sports department as well. Sarasota and Tampa are hot spots when it comes to sports and being an intern at ABC7 gave me a close-up view into the world of sports journalism and sports in general.

I was able to meet interesting personalities, such as Olympic medalist Connor Fields, who won a gold medal in Brazil in BMX racing, and attend exciting events, such as the BMX World Cup, which took place in Sarasota. On another occasion, morning sports anchor Don Brennan invited me to a Tampa Bay Buccaneers practice, where I met several players and coaches.

I am thankful that USFSM – and the Professional & Technical Communications program, in particular – provided me with a platform to enjoy these experiences and absorb so many life and career lessons.

I gained valuable insights at ABC7, as well as lifelong friendships. The most important lesson? The importance of being a team player. News stations succeed only when each one of the team’s members work together.

I am forever grateful for this experience. ABC7 prepared me to be a professional in a working environment and helped to enhance my written-communication skills.

chloe conboy abc7 intern usfsm

About the Author: Chloe Conboy is a senior at USFSM majoring in Professional & Technical Communication. She’s also a Bradenton native, Manatee High graduate and a political junkie!

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