USFSM Faculty & Staff Email Taking Flight In The “The Cloud”

“Did you know?    While most snow birds will have already left Sarasota by early June, one important migration will occur around that time impacting all USFSM Faculty and Staff.

On June 9th, Information Technology Services in Tampa will be migrating all email accounts to Office 365, where users will enjoy up to 50 GB of allocated space, as well as new options for sharing information among colleagues.     With the goal of increasing everyone’s  productivity through the Internet, Office 365 combines Microsoft’s Office Suite with cloud-based versions of their communications and collaboration services – all while freeing up expensive hard drive capacity on servers in Tampa.   

“For many, the migration will be transparent”, notes Brian Mudd, Director of USFSM Technology Services.    “Those who access their email regularly via their mobile devices, however, will likely need to change their settings after the migration”.      Some users, Mudd explains, may need to DELETE their account, then recreate it.    The determining factor is the level of the “Auto Discover” feature built-in to their mobile devices.

Per the contract USF signed with Microsoft, no data will be housed outside the continental U.S, and no other organization will have access.    The conversion will also allow faculty and staff access to an additional 25 GB of storage space, by taking advantage of Microsoft’s SkyDrive Pro service, which USF is branding as “One Drive”.

Periodic emails will be sent between now and June 9th, updating users of the progress towards the conversion.

For more specific Tips and Tricks and steps you can take to  prepare for the migration , please visit