USF Sarasota-Manatee’s Clyde G. Nixon International Business Endowment Scholarships Awarded for Study Abroad Experiences


SARASOTA, Fla. (March 31, 2015) – Two USF Sarasota-Manatee (USFSM) students received scholarships from the Clyde G. Nixon International Business Endowment Fund to study abroad in Italy and Korea this summer.

Michelle Teeter, junior in accounting, will spend six weeks at Florence University of Arts taking business classes and traveling to Rome and Venice. Her studies will include global perspective and ethical and entrepreneurial aspects of the global business environment. “I am over-the-moon excited,” said Teeter. “Although I had already accepted the commitment to the program, I would have had to sell my car to finance the portion of my education abroad without the funds provided by the Clyde G. Nixon Scholarship.”

Kathy Vu, sophomore in marketing, will spend six weeks in Seoul, South Korea, taking Basic Marketing and Beginning Korean Language 1. “By living and studying in a foreign country, I hope to gain personal growth, valuable life skills, strengthened leadership skills, and advance my career,” said Vu. “This will be the first time I live independently and through this independence, I will be more self-reliant and self-confident as I learn to navigate and live comfortably in a different culture.” Vu chose this program because she would be placed in business environments to learn about marketing techniques, capturing different audiences and responding quickly to evolving markets.

About Clyde Nixon and the Scholarship in his Memory

Before he died in 2007, Clyde G. Nixon was chairman of Sun Hydraulics Corp., a member of the USFSM Campus Board and chair of the Community Leadership Council, helping to raise $7.5 million for USFSM’s 2006 move to a new campus. His innovative approach to global and regional business development inspired his friends and family to establish the Fund in his memory, which provides scholarships to students and graduate research assistants with financial need.

Joan Nixon loved traveling the globe with her husband and continues to support the fund every year, as do friends and business colleagues of Clyde Nixon.