USF Sarasota-Manatee IT Program to Offer New, Cutting-Edge Courses for Summer and Fall

The College of Hospitality & Tourism Leadership at the University of South Florida Sarasota-Manatee announces new courses in the emerging areas of IT Security and Mobile Applications.

A new era of total connectivity and access to information 24 hours-a-day, seven days a week has created the demand for training in a variety of emerging technical fields, including the latest courses at USFSM in Android Web Apps, Mobile/Wireless Security, and IT Strategy and Entrepreneurship. The assembly of new programs in USFSM’s College of Hospitality & Tourism Leadership addresses the needs of traditional and non-traditional students, as well as working professionals seeking formal training in new technologies. The IT curriculum has been designed as a team effort among educators and industry partners, resulting in rigorous content aligned with current and emerging industry needs.

“Students live in a connected world and are bringing these ideas to the workplace,” said Shane Hartman, who will be teaching the new courses on Android Web Apps. “As such, USFSM is bridging the gap between personal and social ideas that students are accustomed to and applying them to the workplace with courses like Software Development for Mobile Apps and Android Web Apps, which shows students how to take business constructs and adapt them to the mobile environment.”

USF Sarasota-Manatee continues to be on the forefront of emerging technologies and areas of study with the addition of these three courses, made timely by the viral story of Nick D’Alosio. D’Alosio, a 17-year-old from the United Kingdom who became instantly famous for selling an app he developed to Yahoo!, for millions of dollars. “The never-ending debate between mobile and native (traditional) web applications is a debate which will undoubtedly grow along with Android’s market share,” said Fred Cavazza, a regular contributor on social and digital media and technology to Forbes Magazine.

The cornerstone of the IT program at USFSM is information security. Shane Hartman is recognized as one of the area’s premier experts on digital forensics and is the founder of the Suncoast Security Society. Hartman is joined by Dr. Bill Murphy, who will teach the course on IT Strategy and Entrepreneurship. Jeremy Rasmussen, Senior Principal Information Security Engineer at CACI, an IT solutions firm, will teach the Mobile/Wireless Security course beginning this summer.

Android Web Apps will be offered beginning in summer 2013 with Mobile Web Apps following as a complementary course starting in fall 2013. Students are advised to take both courses back-to-back.

In developing this IT track, USFSM’s goal is to be nimble and creative in designing practical programs in the field, enabling students to gain valuable training that will help them land careers in a rapidly changing world.

More information is available here.