USF Sarasota-Manatee changes name of College of Hospitality & Technology Leadership


SARASOTA, Fla. (May 29, 2015) – USF Sarasota-Manatee’s College of Hospitality & Technology Leadership is getting a new name. Effective today, the college will be known as the College of Hospitality & Tourism Leadership (CHTL).

The change, which does not impact hospitality students’ course work in the fall semester, means that the Information Technology (IT) program will shift to the College of Business, where it will eventually expand with new faculty and course offerings.

Dr. James Curran, interim dean for both colleges, said that for the CHTL the transition reflects a “renewed focus on tourism,” a significant aspect of Florida’s economy.

“While technology is an important element to hospitality and tourism, it is not generally the focus of these businesses,” he said. “This move allows the CHTL to devote all of its energies and resources to providing the best hospitality and tourism education possible.”

For the College of Business, the transition opens the door to potential synergies between Information Technology and business to reflect the business world’s continuing embrace of technology.

Full implementation of the two disciplines will not happen overnight and discussion around the changes is ongoing. However, Dr. Curran noted that steps are already being taken.

“We are adding new faculty in IT to strengthen the faculty in that area and we will explore ways in which the IT faculty and business faculty can work together to explore and exploit possible synergies that exist,” he said.

“We will explore ways to expose IT students to more of the business courses and ways to expose more of the business students to IT, which will be beneficial to both groups because of the importance of IT in the business world today,” Dr. Curran said.

Because of the renewed focus on tourism within the College of Hospitality & Tourism Leadership, that college is likely to see new faculty as well. A timeline for when that will occur is under discussion.

Talks about possibly realigning and expanding the campus’ technology programs began last fall with the formation of a task force comprised of faculty and administrators. The task force’s consensus was that the IT program was best served within the College of Business because of the broad impact of information technology across all business functions.

Dr. Sandra Stone, regional chancellor of USF Sarasota-Manatee, said that shifting technology to the College of Business “makes a lot of sense” on many levels.

“Information technology is a degree that fits with a wide variety of businesses and organizations and is not limited to the hospitality field,” she said. “This move also allows our College of Hospitality & Tourism Leadership to focus on an industry that is a significant part of this community.”

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