Thank You for Your Support During the 36-Hour Giving Challenge!

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USF Sarasota-Manatee is so appreciative of the recent gifts that were given to the University during The Giving Partner’s 2013 “36-Hour Giving Challenge” on March 5 and 6. 

The participation in this community-wide fundraiser helped USFSM gain exposure and additional funds for scholarships and programs, and happily, we have learned that a total of 16 donations were eligible to be matched by The Patterson Foundation!

Before the matching dollars ran out at 7:05:37 on March 5th, the first morning of the Challenge, we were able to receive $6,600 in matching funds provided by The Patterson Foundation.

Our wonderful partners at the Furniture Warehouse also had 70 sales during the Challenge period that each qualified for a $25 dollar gift to USFSM, courtesy of the Richmond family.  The first $1,000 of their donation was matched, so their gift total was $2,750.00. That qualifies them as our largest single donor during the Challenge!  Thank you again to The Furniture Warehouse for being our business partner. Please remember to shop at the Furniture Warehouse throughout the year and mention that you are a USFSM supporter!

Overall, the total raised for USF Sarasota-Manatee during our first year with the 36-Hour Giving Challenge was $16,175 from 45 donors (including matching dollars).

Thank you all for being a part of our success!

Also, we would like to thank the Community Foundation of Sarasota County, The Patterson Foundation, the Gulf Coast Community Foundation, Manatee Community Foundation, Charlotte Community Foundation and the William G. and Marie Selby Foundation for encouraging our community to “unleash its inner generosity” and raise $2.78 million from 17,626 donations made from all over the country and the world.