Nominations needed by February 6th!

Recognition is an important part of our culture at USF and this year our Outstanding Staff Award program has been enhanced to include the opportunity for team nominations in addition to individual nominations.  Additionally, a new award program has been established that focuses on our Student Success initiatives. Details on the awards and nomination process are outlined below:


Individual: designed to identity a single outstanding employee’s accomplishments

Team: allow for recognition of a team of employees for its execution of a project, plan and/or initiative

Both individual and team award nominations focus on the standards of excellence set by the USF Values and the USF Standards of Service.

Each year, the University of South Florida’s Outstanding Staff Awards Program recognizes a number of exceptional employees who demonstrate a commitment to the pursuit of excellence and a level of performance that exceeds the values and standards of the university. Recognition is an important part of our culture at USF Sarasota-Manatee and the most prestigious award for Staff and Administration is the Outstanding Staff award. Nominees and our campus winner will be honored at our campus Faculty and Staff Recognition Event. This winner (team or individual) will also be recognized at USF System ceremony in March.


This award specifically allows for the recognition of employees who have dedicated their time and services to promoting the success of a student or group of students. These nominations focus on the student success indicators and the student success mission. Nominations will be reviewed by the System Student Success Council.

Student Success Indicators demonstrate that the employee has:

  • Furthered students’ academic achievement.
  • Helped make education more accessible and/or affordable.
  • Contributed to the development of students’ skills in the areas of knowledge, communication and critical thinking.
  • Developed students both personally and professionally.
  • Recruited and/or retained students.

Nomination Process:

  • Complete the appropriate nomination from in its entirety and have it signed by the supervisor
  • Write your own letter of endorsement
  • Solicit an additional two letters of endorsement from other colleagues (a maximum of three letters including the nominator)
  • Submit the nomination form along with the letters of endorsement to Carolyn Dyson, Human Resource in B116, no later than February 6, 2012

All employees are encouraged to nominate staff/administrative employees who demonstrate the high standards of excellence expressed in the USF Values and Standards of Service and/or employees who promote the success of students.  Employees may be nominated for the individual and/or team Outstanding Staff Award and the Student Success Award (separate nomination must be completed for each award). Nominations should be submitted to Carolyn Dyson, Human Resources in B116 no later than February 6, 2011.

If you have questions, please contact Carolyn Dyson (