Meeting Notes – March 13, 2014

Members in attendance:  Sophia Wisniewska, Chair, Elaine Augustine, Brittany Decker, Ben Ellinor, Patricia Hunsader, Jean Kabongo, Jane Rose, James Unnever, G. Patricia Wilson, Ernie Withers, Wan Yang

Also:  Jennifer Deniz Bob Kuramoto, Kathleen Moore, Janet O’Shea, David Owen (for Jose Hernandez)

The Search Committee met with the two representatives of the search firm Quick Leonard Kieffer, Jennifer Deniz and Bob Kuramoto.  They discussed the search process, including gathering information, finalizing the position description, candidate identification, and the interview process.  They also reviewed a proposed timeline and answered questions from the Committee.  The expectation is to review final candidates June 9-10 and begin the first round of interviews June 19-20, with the continued goal of having a new Chancellor in place by summer 2014.

After the Search Committee meeting concluded, Ms. Deniz and Mr. Kuramoto met in turn with USFSM faculty, the USFSM Executive Council, and the USFSM Campus Board and Community Leadership Council.  They listened to each group describe the attributes, experience, and qualifications they are seeking in a Regional Chancellor.

The next meetings will be conference call updates to report on search progress led by Ms. Deniz and/or Mr. Kuramoto.