Meeting Notes – February 26, 2014

Members in attendance: Sophia Wisniewska, Chair, Elaine Augustine, Brittany Decker, Ben Ellinor, Terri Hansen, Patricia Hunsader, Ed Hunzeker, Jean Kabongo, Carol Probstfeld, Jane Rose, Byron Shinn, Ernie Withers, Wan Yang.

Also: Bob Kuramoto, Kathleen Moore, Janet O’Shea, David Owen (for Jose Hernandez).

The purpose of the first meeting of the USFSM Regional Chancellor Search Committee was for President Judy Genshaft to charge the Committee and for USF General Counsel Steve Prevaux to explain the Sunshine Law and Public Records policy, in addition to beginning the search process chaired by USFSP Regional Chancellor Sophia Wisniewska.

President Genshaft outlined the qualities of a successful candidate, including the ability to collaborate with both internal leadership and external constituents in the community, while promoting excellence in education and across the USF System. Mr. Prevaux reviewed compliance rules regarding meetings and general communication, explaining that under the Florida Sunshine law, all material decisions must be transparent.

Bob Kuramoto from the professional firm contracted for the search, Quick Leonard Kieffer International, Inc., called in to the meeting to describe an overview of the process. He reviewed how candidates will be identified and presented and the interview process. He explained that Jennifer Deniz, the principal representative for the search firm will meet with the Committee and other institutional constituencies to discuss what USFSM is seeking in the next Regional Chancellor and the opportunities and challenges of the role.

Chair Wisniewska then led a discussion of the position description including minimum qualifications and preferred experience. A draft will be written and distributed to the Search Committee for further comment and edits, with the final draft going to the search firm for finalizing and posting. The timeline was briefly discussed with the expectation of having a new Chancellor in place by summer 2014.

The next meeting will be attended by Ms. Deniz and will be scheduled soon.