Meeting Notes – June 16, 2014

USF Sarasota-Manatee Regional Chancellor Search Committee
Meeting Notes
June 16, 2014, 10-11:30am
USFSM Campus Board Room, C306

Members in attendance: Sophia Wisniewska, Chair, Elaine Augustine, Brittany Decker, Ben
Ellinor, Teri Hansen, Jose Hernandez, Patricia Hunsader, Ed Hunzeker, Jean Kabongo, Carol
Probstfeld, Jane Rose, James Unnever, G. Patricia Wilson, Wan Yang

Also: Jennifer Deniz, Bob Kuramoto, Kathleen Moore, Janet O’Shea

Chair Wisniewska explained that the purpose of the meeting was to review the book of
candidates as prepared by Quick Leonard Kieffer. She introduced the search firm
representative Jennifer Deniz to begin the discussion to determine which applicants will be
asked to participate in airport interviews.

Ms. Deniz gave a brief overview, provided a Power Point summary on each of the eight
candidates, and discussed the first round interview process. She reported that 675 potential
candidates were contacted or sourced; 62 applications were submitted; 24 applicants were
selected for focused evaluation; and eight candidates were presented. She also explained that
five additional potential applicants expressed interest, but were concerned about the public
records law in Florida. These five are not yet ready to submit an application but discussion is

The Committee reviewed and discussed all eight candidates, including qualifications for tenure
at USF as a full professor, current position, job history, publications, leadership qualities, and
experience at regional campuses. There was also a brief conversation about the confidential

Committee members decided to invite four candidates to the airport interviews. The expectation
is for June 26 or June 27, but Ms. Deniz will confirm the details as soon as travel can be
arranged for the candidates.