MBA Helps USFSM Alumna Take a Career Jump

Kim MullinsAt the age of 42, Kim Mullins proves that higher education is an important component to achieving career advancement. After finishing USF Sarasota-Manatee’s MBA program this summer, she also began the next step in her career as the client experience director at GravityFree, a Florida web agency, where she will be managing projects and resources, developing relationships with current and potential clients, developing and implementing brand marketing for the firm and providing support for its customers.

“I felt strongly that I needed the MBA to be competitive in the job market,” said Mullins. “While I had almost 20 years of work experience at the point I decided to go back to school, I felt that having the educational credentials to complement that experience would make me much more marketable.”

Mullins began as a secretary at the Jewish Federation of Sarasota-Manatee in 1996 and worked her way through the ranks for almost 18 years until being appointed director of operations. “I was extremely fortunate to work at The Jewish Federation, as the leadership of the organization never held me back from earning promotions due to a lack of an advanced degree,” said Mullins. “The leadership of the Federation saw that I had talents that could be fostered and I was also lucky to have mentors that encouraged me throughout my entire tenure.”

In 2012, Mullins graduated with a B.A. from USFSM’s undergraduate management program. She applied to the MBA program because of her desire to expand her business skills and earn an advanced degree in a classroom setting, where she looked forward to reconnecting with the professors she had met during her time as an undergraduate. That positive experience at USFSM gave Mullins faith in her own abilities, as well as high expectations for the caliber of the education she would receive at the graduate level.

“I can’t say enough about the confidence I gained during my years at USFSM,” said Mullins. “I feel that having an increased confidence in my skills and abilities definitely played a role in my securing my position at GravityFree.” Mullins says she will use what she’s learned at USFSM to make business operations more efficient and effective.

“I feel that good business experience and education go hand in hand,” said Mullins. “With much of my education based in theory and best practices, I was able to employ these theories and best practices in the real world at the Jewish Federation…and now I’m excited to apply them to my new career at GravityFree.”