Maria Angelina Vazquez, Student

WebPicWhat would you like to do for a career upon graduation?

I would like to work as a Foreign Service Officer for an American Embassy abroad.

Why did you choose the major that you chose?

I chose Criminology because it was a wide enough field that would later allow me to pursue a career in Law Enforcement, Government, or even take the LSAT and apply for law school. It is a good starting point into other fields.

Why did you choose USF Sarasota-Manatee?

I chose USF Sarasota-Manatee because it was close to home and my job.  The class sizes were small and all the staff and faculty from professors to maintenance staff were personable and very professional. I desperately wanted the “college experience” that I missed out on the first time around and was able to have it through my involvement in the Rowing Club, Ambassadors and Student Government. We had the opportunity to go to football games in Tampa, participate in the Fall Ambassador Retreat with the Tampa campus, as well as compete in different events through rowing. I liked the small size of the classrooms and knowing that I was a person and not a number. My professors took interest in me and did everything possible to help me succeed.  

Would you recommend USFSM to someone else?

I would highly recommend USFSM to everyone ranging from a high school graduate who is attending college for the first time, to a young adult as myself who has to work a full time job but still wants to feel part of a big university and have the “college experience”, to a parent who perhaps has always wanted to return to school but had to raise a family. USFSM can meet the needs of very different individuals in our community.

How has USFSM prepared you for your career goals?

USFSM has provided me with all the tools I need to succeed independently and they continue to help me as I transition from my undergrad to graduate studies. The career center was extremely helpful in preparing my resume as well as always sending information about possible employment opportunities not only in our community but abroad as well.

What was your favorite class at USFSM and why?

I would say it is very difficult to pick my favorite class because I truly enjoyed all my classes even the ones that I hated at the time I learned and took something valuable with me that I can apply to real life experience.

What is the best part of USFSM?

It is really hard to narrow down to just one thing but for me the best part of USFSM is the benefits of a small school with small professor to student ratio while still having the big University feel to it. I think it was the best of both worlds.