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Laura Warner, Current Student

[1]You’re from California originally, why the move to Florida? 

I moved here with my fiancé to get out of California, for some new scenery.  I’m a Southern California girl and Florida seemed like a good trade off.  We wanted a new start somewhere, his family is here as well, and for him to finish school.

Why did you choose USF Sarasota-Manatee?

After hearing from friends about how much they enjoyed USFSM, I decided to enroll so I could finish the degree that I started in California.  I liked that it was close to home, and the classes worked well around my work schedule.

You’re very involved on campus – why did you choose to get involved with Crew/Ambassadors?

I joined Crew because I never played competitive sports in high school.  I thought this would be a fun chance to get in shape, meet new people, and get some of that “college experience” by being part of a sports team/club.  From there, I met the Crew advisor, and he told me about Ambassadors, which he also advises. I liked that I would be able to be more involved at the school, and be able to represent USFSM at special events.  Joining these two clubs have turned out to be the best decision that I’ve made!  I have made lots of new friends, met many interesting people, and have been able to participate in a lot of great activities with the University!

What is the biggest benefit of your campus involvement?

Like I said earlier, meeting new people has been the biggest part of being involved on campus.  USFSM is a small campus, and many of us have jobs and other things going on, but by involving myself in these clubs, I have been able to meet a lot more students and faculty than I would have just by attending class.  Club involvement also gives you more of that college feel, something that I thought I might not get by attending a small campus.  

What are your 3 favorite things about USFSM?

One of my favorite things about USFSM is the size of the campus.  It’s small and personal, and because of that I feel like I’m able to get more out of my education.  I love the staff and faculty and their dedication to the students.  They are always so available and willing to help us out.  Finally, another favorite thing about USF Sarasota-Manatee is that they (the staff and faculty) really do try to make this campus a fun place to be.  We might be a small University, but they work really hard to put on events and activities that get you involved.  It’s nice for those that feel that they might miss out on the big campus feel by going to USFSM.  I’ve been completely happy since I have been here and I don’t feel like I have missed out on anything!