Kathy Black, Faculty

What made you come to USFSM?

I am a gerontologist and came to Sarasota because of the aging population- and to escape New York’s cold weather!

What special projects/research are you involved in?

Aging in place, aging in community, advance care planning throughout the end of life, end of life care, geriatric mental health, inter-generational programming and health care professional communication.

What other jobs have you held before this one and what were your roles?

I have been teaching college since 1987- 1-4 courses per semester with exception of a few summers and two semesters I gave birth.

I was a geriatric nurse in acute and long term care, medical social worker- mostly cardiac and ICU but all areas , geriatric case manager, gerontological consultant, associate director of  a gerontology center and a personal caregiver.(Her grandmother lived with me for a decade)

If you were selling USFSM to an incoming student what would you say?

“USFSM is a small school, so you won’t get lost as a number.  There is great, high-quality teaching and Sarasota is a great place to live all year round!”

How has USFSM made you a better professional/person?

To me, an extension of my role in the aging network of providers in this city.  I have a new found respect for the synergy of an engaged aging citizenry- my last publication.

What are some of your goals for the future?

To continue to serve the university and community by transforming the experience of aging.

What is the best part of USFSM?

It is small scale, so you can interact easily.