ELearning Blog: Panopto Video Preparation

It’s time to Prepare your Panopto Videos for next semester!

The icon for the Panopto Mobile app.

As the spring semester winds down, many faculty are putting the finishing touches on summer courses. For faculty who use Panopto to share video lectures with their students, moving the videos from one Canvas Course to another can cause a bit of confusion. Never fear! We’ve identified 3 important steps for you to take in order to successfully move your Panopto videos into the course for next semester.

Step 1 – Provision the Folder in your New Course:

Begin by adding Panopto to the new course. Open your new course. Click Settings on the bottom of the left navigation bar. Click the Navigation tab. Drag Panopto Recordings up to the top area of the course navigation list. Click Save. Then open Panopto from the left navigation bar. This will provision the folder in the course.

Step 2 – Find the Video:

Go to the video you want to move in Canvas. Click Settings. Choose Overview. Click Folder. Click Edit.

Step 3 – Move the Video:

Select the drop-down menu listing available Courses to move the video to. Select the course you want to move the video to. Click Save and close. (Panopto does not actually move the video on the server, the pointer is moved). You should now see the video in the new course.

As always, if you run into issues as you prepare your online courses for the coming semester, feel free to contact ELearning Services (elearning@sar.usf.edu).  We’re glad to help!