ELearning Blog: Organize Course Material with Modules

As an instructor of an online course, you probably have a lot of important information that you want students to see.  You may have activities, files, quizzes, assignments, videos….you get the picture!

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A great way to organize the materials for your course is through the use of Modules.

We’ve seen modules used in all sorts of creative ways.  At a very basic level, modules allow you to pull all of your content (files, videos, pages, etc), activities and assessment items into one space and organize it so that students can easily locate everything they need to complete a unit of study — all in one place.

It is helpful to organize your content into modules for a couple of reasons:

  • Modules help students identify all content, activities and assessments “at a glance” so that they can plan their time for the course in a reasonable way.
  • Modules save students time as they do not have to search through various areas of Canvas (quizzes, files, assignments, discussions, etc) to locate items that they need for the course.
  • Module encourage student completion of all required items because everything they need is easy to locate.

Sometimes we see courses in which all content is organized into modules but activities and assessments are not included in that area.  Sometimes we see modules that include all activities and assessments…but content is organized in another place.  The best practice for using modules is to organize everything that students need to reach their learning goals into the Modules area.  This includes content, activities and assessments.

We also recommend grouping items by units of study rather than content type.  So…instead of creating a module that includes ALL of your videos and another module that includes ALL of your discussions, create a module about (unit of study) and include the videos, files and pages about that topic along with discussions and assignments on that topic.

Questions?  Feel free to ask!

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