E-Learning Blog: Web 2.0 Tools – PopcornMaker

by Carlos Montoya, M.Ed

Mozilla PopcornMaker LogoOne of the great things about education in recent years is the amount of resources that have emerged in order to increase creativity and productivity. Web 2.0 tools can be used in a traditional, hybrid, flipped or 100% online environment. One great free tool that is being utilized in various learning environments is the Mozilla Popcorn Maker. With a name like that, I’m sure your attention was captured. Although it doesn’t make virtual popcorn, it does assist instructors to create projects that burst with interaction. Mozilla Popcorn Maker helps instructors create their own educational mashups.

Mozilla Popcorn Maker allows you to easily remix web video, audio and images into cool mashups that you can embed on other websites or learning management systems like Canvas.


You can drag and drop content from the web, then add your own comments and links. Mozilla Popcorn Maker videos are dynamic and engaging for students. You can add different media from Vimeo, YouTube, Audior, SoundCloud and HTML5. Moreover, your projects will be save by Mozilla for free, thus you don’t have to worry about the videos taking up too much space on your computer.

You can link social media, news feeds and data visualization. The outcome is a multimedia storytelling lesson that performs more like the web itself: interactive, social and unique.

Click here to make an account. Once there click sign in, and create an account with Mozilla Persona. All you need is an email address to register. The video tutorials below shows how easy it is to compile different multimedia in one place in order to add engagement and creativity to your lessons.

Click here to view a video tutorial.

And click here to view a sample video.

I will be happy to develop a multimedia product using your content for your course. Let’s collaborate – just set up an appointment and let the creativity begin!

Thank you,

Carlos Montoya