E-Learning Blog: Using the Canvas App on Your iPad

by Carlos Montoya, M.Ed

Hello, and thank your for checking this blog. If you have an iOS or an Android mobile device, I strongly recommend that you download the new Canvas app. This app will simplify your teaching and learning needs by letting you access your courses from anywhere. Now you don’t have to be in front of the computer to interact with your course. The app has a user-friendly interface that will minimize your navigation time. This week’s blog will show you how to log in to the Canvas app on your iPad, and will also show you how to navigate the app’s Global Dashboard.

Please check the Canvas guides for the rest of the tutorials:

Some of those tutorials will also be on our website.

Download and Log In:

  • Go to the App Store and download the Canvas Application
  • Two ways to log in:
    • Enter your canvas URL: usflearn.instructure.com
      Canvas URL
    • Connect to Canvas Network: learn.canvas.net
  • Log in with your NetID and password
  • You can also access Canvas using a mobile browser onyouriOS device (to interact as you would on the regular web version of Canvas):
    • Use Safari or Chrome
    • Enter URL: usflearn.instructure.com


  1. View your Courses and Groups
  2. View your To-Do list
  3. View Course Notifications
  4. View Conversation Messages
  5. View your Profile
  6. Get Help with the Canvas App

Canvas Dashboard

View To-Do List

  • To view the To-Do list, tap the To-Do list icon. Each item is color-coordinated according to the course and displays an icon for its activity type: (1) assignments, (2) discussions, (3) quiz. By taping an activity item (4) displays its corresponding page so you could complete it directly from the To-Do list.

To-Do List

Notifications View

  • Notifications give you an overview of all course notifications such as changes to an assignment due date, new assignments, course announcement, or a reply to a subscribed discussion. Like the To-Do, once tapped it will display its corresponding page.

Notifications View


  • The message icon will indicate the number of new messages. When you tap on it, the conversation folder will display all messages you have received. It’s organized the same way as the browser version of the conversation.
  • Messages are arranged newest to oldest. New messages are indicated with a blue dot.
  • You can always refresh your messages by swiping from top to bottom.


Profile View

Your profile page shows you all the information associated with your canvas account.

  1. Choose a profile picture
  2. View your files
  3. Learn about the app
  4. Get help from Canvas
  5. Log out

Profile View