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 Teaching With Tweeting

(And Other Forms of Social Media)

by Kendi Judy

Social media is a multifaceted entity that is playing a part in our everyday lives. If you don’t participate and engage in social media, chances are you know someone who does. According to the Pew Research Center, as of 2013, 73% of online adults use social networking sites.

What does this mean for online education?

Social media is a great way to engage in collaboration. Social media can be used to interact with individuals and communities. There are many ways to effectively integrate social media into the classroom while still achieving course objectives and outcomes.

Here are some examples of how you could teach with Twitter:

  • Tweet upcoming due dates and course assignments
  • Follow local news channels and government politicians
  • Virtually attend conferences through a conference hashtag (#)
  • Share online resources and internet sites

The great news about social media is that it integrates with Canvas. Faculty and students can sync their Facebook and Twitter accounts with Canvas in the notification preferences section. This means that your students may already be receiving course announcements and updates via social media, allowing students to customize their learning experience.

As with all technology applications, there is a degree of uncertainty when it comes to successful integration; however, engaging in an environment where students feel comfortable can only increase student conversation and participation.

Not sure you want to use Twitter?

There are plenty of other social media applications worth exploring …

Vintage Social Networking

Cartoons by John Atkinson © 2011-2013 (by Wrong Hands)

As always, happy Tweeting …


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