E-Learning Blog: Canvas Release Notes for October

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Hello and thank you for taking time out of you busy lives to stop and see what’s new in our E-learning blog. This week I will describe some of the new features and latest updates from Canvas. Some of the new features are in Gradebook, Notifications, and SpeedGrader. The added updates are in Discussions, Quizzes and SpeedGrader.

One new feature that stands out is in notifications; now users can get a notification copy of any conversation they’ve created. Please make sure you go to your personal settings and enable this notification.

New Features

  • Gradebook
  • Notifications
  • SpeedGrader


  • Discussions
  • Quizzes
  • SpeedGrader

New Features


When students complete a quiz that includes manually graded questions, their grade page will now display a quiz icon instead of the current score. This will indicate that the quiz score is not yet complete. When students mouse over the icon, a message will indicate, “Instructor is working on grades”

Gradebook new feature screenshot.

The icon will also appear in the Gradebook to let instructors know that some questions in the quiz need to be graded manually. When the instructor assigns the score, the icon will be replace with the complete quiz grade. The icon for instructor can also mean that a quiz score has been deleted and a new score needs to be entered.

Gradebook new features screenshot.


Any Canvas user can set a new notification preference that will allow them to receive a copy of all conversations they’ve created. When this feature is enable, users will be allow to see what conversations have been sent and how they appear in their specified communication channels.

Screenshot of new notifications feature.


Instructors that use Crocodoc will noticed a new warning message if they take more than 50 minutes in one submission. Crocodoc session are per submission and run for one hour, the expiration warning message will appear after 50 minutes to let you know that you have 10 minutes to either refresh the page or go to the next student so that you don’t lose all of your annotations.

SpeedGrader new features screenshot.



Locked Discussions will now display the time. A locked discussion is a discussion that has been published by instructors but cannot be viewed until a later date. When a student views the details for a locked discussion topic, they will see the date and the hour when the discussion will be unlocked.

Discussions updated features.


Quiz questions and groups will now have a drag handle next to them. The drag handle will open a keyboard navigation menu that will allow instructors to reorder the questions within the quiz. Questions and groups can still be dragged and dropped manually by clicking and dragging the quiz question handles.

Quizzes updated features.


For group assignments, SpeedGrader will show submission from both, groups and individual students.

SpeedGrader updated features.

For more information please visit the Canvas new release note site