E-Learning Blog: Canvas Release Notes for November

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The Canvas release notes for this month bring some instructor-specific feature enhancements. The new features enhance the ways instructors can manage quizzes and course activities. This release, like other releases, also includes updates to existing Canvas features as well as fixed bugs.

New Features:

  • Quizzes
  • People


  • Gradebook Individual View
  • Download All Submissions Button
  • Group Leader Settings

New Features


The “Moderate Quiz” page has a new look. The design is cleaner and adds functionality to the outstanding quiz verification view. Canvas auto-submits quizzes when the time expires on them. However, if the student navigates away from a quiz before the time is up without submitting it, the quiz submission remains outstanding. Previously, instructors had to deal with each outstanding submission manually, as indicated in the “Time” column as “Time Up!” Now, when instructors open the “Moderate Quiz” page, Canvas gives a warning message indicating that there are outstanding submissions, so instructors can click on it and manage them for the entire course.

Canvas November New Features - Quiz 1

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Canvas will then display a window with a list of outstanding submissions and automatically select the checkbox next to each student’s name. To grade it, just click the submit button. Canvas will grade the submission and update the score.

Canvas November New Features - Quiz 2


Now when you click on a student to see their access report, you will see three new pieces of content: Course Home, Course Modules and Course Outcomes. The student’s access is now logged in those 3 areas of Canvas.

Canvas November New Features - People


Gradebook Individual View

When you are in Gradebook, if you switch to Individual View, the link to return to the regular Gradebook has been renamed as “Switch to Default Gradebook”.

Canvas Updated Features - Gradebook 1

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Download All Submissions Button

In Gradebook, when you go to “Individual View” to see assignment information, the Gradebook will now display the “Download all submissions” button for quizzes that contain file upload questions. If a quiz doesn’t include file upload questions, the button will not be displayed.

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Group Leader Settings

At any time during the semester, instructors can now change the group leader settings in a Group Set. Previously, group leader settings could only be specified when creating a new Group Set. Now when editing a Group Set through the Settings icon, the leadership section appears at the bottom of the browser window.

Note: Edited settings won’t take effect until after the next membership change, such as when another person joins or is assigned to the group. For manually enabled changes, you may have to refresh the page to see the group update.

Canvas Updated Features - Groups

For more information, please visit the Canvas Release notes page.

Thank you,
Carlos Montoya