E-Learning Blog: Canvas Release Notes for 02/21/15

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Every 3 weeks we bring you the details on scheduled updates to the Canvas
system, with information specific to the Canvas features enabled by our institution.

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Canvas updated over the weekend, but very few of the changes made in this update affect our institution. The one you might note is a change to the layout of the Gradebook navigation buttons, explained below. As always, the production notes also include other Canvas updates, platform integrations, and fixed bugs.

Updated Features

Gradebook Toolbar

The Gradebook toolbar includes a revised design to help instructors manage their Gradebook data more easily. No functionality has been affected by this change, but this is the first of several small upgrades to create a more intuitive interface in the Gradebook.

Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 6.14.20 PM

The Settings menu and sections sorting menu are located on the right side of the Gradebook, and the import and export features have been removed from the Settings menu and replaced as standalone buttons.

For complete documentation and list of bugs fixed in this update,
please visit the Canvas release notes page.