E-Learning Blog: Canvas Release Notes (1/30/2016)

Every few weeks we bring you the details on scheduled updates to the Canvas
system, with information specific to the Canvas features enabled by our institution.

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Canvas Logo - Horizontal Color

The January 30th update includes 2 basic updates to the overall look of Canvas.  First, the “next” and “previous” buttons that allow students to progress through modules will no longer sit only at the bottom of a page.  Instead, they will “float” at the bottom of the screen so that they are readily accessible for students.  The second update is that the standard font size has been increased by 1 pixel.  This slightly larger font will increase legibility.

View the new features “in action” through the Canvas New Feature Screencast 
[vimeo 153007916 w=500 h=281]

For complete documentation and list of bugs fixed in this update,
please visit the Canvas release notes page.